Pancake Day Fun!

Although Shrove Tuesday was in the half term break we didn’t want to miss out on pancakes because we all love pancakes.

We read the book Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. What happened in the story? Ask your child if they can tell you the shocking twist at the end of the story!


We wrote some lists so we knew what to buy from the shop and worked out which order the instructions had to go in so we could make some pancakes of our own.



And then it was time to make our pancakes. We decided it would be best to share and for everybody to help make the pancakes so we could all help eat them.


Then it was the part we’d all been waiting for……….. we all got to eat the pancakes!


Valerie very cleverly recorded which toppings the children had chosen for their pancakes. Chocolate was the most popular.

We all agreed that it had been best to work together to make and for everyone to share eating the pancakes.

We also had an exciting juicing station in the classroom so the children could investigate and explore the different citrus fruits you can have on a pancake. It was fantastic fun squeezing, pressing and juicing the different fruits. It smelt amazing!


We all loved pancake day and can’t wait for next year!



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