Valentine’s Day

We spent the last week of half term celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s a chance to read a couple of Miss Parker’s favourite books. If you’ve not read them before see if you can find them in the Library.


After we all had such a good time making potions earlier in the year the children asked if we could do it again but this time we chose to make Love Potions.


Everyone made a Valentine’s Day card for the person or people of their choice. After completing the art it was a great chance to do some writing for a purpose.


There was lots of Valentine’s Day Maths opportunities around the classroom. The children used the hearts cards from a pack of cards, small hearts for counting and the Numicon to count and make their own calculations.


They were also able to explore other Maths opportunities around the classroom in the Sensory Tray, at the Light Table and at the Finger Gym.


We did lots of great learning linked to Valentine’s  Day. There was also a hunt outside for hearts which we had to order by size.


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