Storytelling Workshop- Three Little Pigs (and the Chatterbox Challenge!)

Our storytelling text this half term has been The Three Little Pigs. There are lots of versions of this story you can read and I’m sure it’s a story that you know well yourself. The children combined their Storytelling with the Chatterbox Challenge which we took part in to raise money for ICAN.

First the children told the story to our families using the Makaton actions and story map for reminders and prompts. We then  sang the Chatterbox Challenge rhymes we’d been practising at home and at school. Our rhymes were Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (sung with special words about planting a seed), Five Little Ducks and Sleeping Bunnies. We hope you’ve kept practising them at home.



When we’d finished our performance of the story and rhymes we went back to classrooms to do the special craft. This half term we were making cone puppets so we can continue to tell the story at home. Our families could come to help us.


We had to colour the puppets carefully and use the scissors to cut them out. It was lovely to see children and their families working together. Look how pleased we are with the results!


We hope you enjoyed the Storytelling workshop and thank you for coming. If you still have sponsorship money to hand in after the Chatterbox Challenge then please return it to school as soon as possible. ICAN organise the Chatterbox Challenge every year to highlight the challenges children with speech and language difficulties face.  Good communication skills are vital to a happy, successful childhood so we place a lot of importance on these skills in school, especially while your child is in Nursery and Reception.  If you want to find out more about why we’re raising money please look on the links below. Please ask if you have any questions.





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