Celebrating Day 100!

Can you believe we’ve been in full time school for 100 days? We’ve been counting down since the very first day using our straws and marking the numbers off on the 100 square. Everybody has been getting very excited in the last couple of weeks as we’ve realised it’s getting closer and now the day has arrived!


We got so excited because we’d been promised a party on Day 100! We all had a fabulous time at our special party especially our Day 100 cake.



There were lots of other activities for us to enjoy during the day.

image image image image

For homework we brought in collections of 100 items from home. Can you remember what you brought?


And we’re not finished there……. we’ve carried on counting to see how many more days we’ve got in Reception.



We’d love to hear about any number learning you’ve been doing at home. Please let us know what you’ve been doing and write a wow moment so we can put it on the wall and share it with everyone. The wow moments you do form an important part of the children’s Learning Journeys.


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