We Love Write Dance!

Every week we have a Write Dance session in school. The children love it 🙂

Miss Deighton runs the Write Dance sessions with our class and Garnet class in the Infant Hall. We do Write Dance to make our writing better and improve our number and letter formation.

First Miss Deighton looks in her special book and sees which letter or number we are learning today.


Then we go up to the Hall and get ready. We have to listen carefully to the story and to find out how to move correctly to do the dance. Then we have our turn to do the dance carefully watching what Miss Deighton does. Sometimes we have to move in funny ways!



Once we’ve done the dance we think about how the movements we’ve done link to the number or the letter for the day. We go to our BIG pieces of paper and make the same movements using the crayons.Sometimes we use two crayons on the paper at the same time! After that we look for a practise the number or letter that we have been learning.



So, next Friday when we get home from school ask us what we’ve been learning in Write Dance. Which letter or number was it? What happened in the Write Dance story? There are some strange character names so please ask if it sounds a bit bizarre!


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