Our New Learning Stories


You’ll have seen our new learning stories in class recently and will probably have been asked to look at one featuring your child. If not don’t worry, it’ll be coming soon. We’re using the Learning Stories as a new way of observing the children’s learning through their play. It allows us to focus on the communication between the children and the language they use. Communication and Language is one of the most important areas that we teach as it forms the basis for lots of other learning.

So what is a Learning Story?



We let you have a copy of the Learning Story to keep at home and look at with your child. You could also share it with other family members encouraging the children to tell their own story. We keep a copy in school so the children can read them with their friends and enjoy reading books with them as the main characters.

We’d love to know what you think and if these are useful to help you know what your child has been learning at school and to give you some ideas for how to continue this at home.

Don’t forget to let us know about the learning you do at home with your child on a wow moment so we can display it in school! 

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