Maths Open Morning- SSELP Calculation Policy Launch

On Wednesday 14th January launched the new Calculation Policy for our school. Other local schools in our the SSELP Network also launched the same policy. We celebrated by doing lots of special Maths learning all day and inviting our parents and carers to help us. It was lots of fun.



image image

We also did some great addition with the dominoes.


image image

A popular activity was the Snack based one. We were still counting and practising our calculating skills though.


image image

There was lots more happening too in our classroom and even a Calculation Hunt outside. We had to wrap up warm because it was a bit chilly!


Everyone had a great day. After we’d been doing fun Maths activities all day we went to whole school assembly to share some of our learning and find out what everyone else had been learning. We sang our calculating song called “We’ve all got Calculators in our Heads”. It helped us practise our doubles. Have you been singing it at home?  Keep singing it to learn those special calculations. We got a big clap from the whole school to say well done 🙂

We’d love to hear about the Maths you’ve been doing at home.

Don’t forget to fill in a WOW MOMENT in school so we can share your learning at home with everyone in school. 

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