Learning to Read- Guided Reading in FS

One of the ways we learn to read in FS2 is in Guided Reading. We read in a group with 5 or 6 children all reading the same book.



First, when we look at a new book we look at the front cover and talk about the picture. Then we look at the title and look for any words we already know.



Once we know the title we use the information to predict what will happen in the book.

We think of lots of different ideas about what it could be.


After that we have a walkthrough the book looking firstly at the pictures. We talk about who we can see in the picture and how the character/s feels. Next we talk about what the character is doing and what we think they might say.


Once we’ve thought about the picture we look at the words. We look for the words that we know from our Letters and Sounds sessions, such as the tricky words and the high frequency words (the ones we use most often). We sound out the words that we can from saying the sounds and blending them together using our robot hands.


Then we’re ready to read the words remembering all the information we’ve just learnt. We point at each word as we read it so we remember to read them all.

image image

Before we get to the end of the book we often think about our predictions from earlier and decide if we still agree. We decide what we think will happen at the end of the story. This is the conversation one group had….


Finally we read the book through again by ourselves to develop fluency. When we’ve finished reading the book we think about some questions our teacher asks us to show we understand what we’ve read.

We are doing a great job with our reading and our teachers are really proud of us!

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