Bonfire Night and Fireworks!

Last week we had a great time using the inspiration of Bonfire Night and all the fireworks we were seeing at night.  Look at all the fun things we did.


We thought about the shapes we could see looking at pictures and videos of fireworks. Then we wrote the numbers for November on our calendar sheets to turn them into our November calendars. We took them home to share with our families.


In the Finger Gym, we enjoyed popping the Bubble Wrap to make sounds like fireworks and also drawing firework shapes in the sparkly glitter.



We had to think carefully about how to make our 3D fireworks. Our teachers didn’t tell us how to make our fireworks. We had to think of what we wanted it to look like and choose the materials we used. Look how great they turned out…


We also turned our whole bodies into fireworks while listening to the sounds like made. We had to think what the different fireworks looked like and how we could change our bodies into these shapes. Can you guess which fireworks we were from looking at the pictures? image

When we went outside we tried to draw fireworks as big as we could. We made them bigger than us which was hard work. They looked fabulous though and were well worth the effort.


Pfinally, we looked at the colours and patterns of fireworks using a Magic Milk experiment we used milk, food colouring and washing up liquid to find out what happened.


“Wow look at this what we’ve made. Mine’s all multicoloured.” Eva-Lee said. Callum C said “Wow! It’s cool! The colours has been going into the milk. This is good. The milk is going on top of the colours so we can’t see the colours”.

We loved learning all about Bonfire Night and fireworks!


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